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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 09:14

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Up for School

Once school is back in session, you can get everyone out the door faster with these morning timesavers.

Going back to school means the relaxed, lazy days of summer are about to give way to packed schedules, homework, after-school activities, and toughest of all  waking the kids up early. The change of pace can be a jolt to the whole family.

So, how, after months of sleeping late, do you get the kids used to earlier wake-up times without creating household chaos first thing in the morning? Here are five tips to get your kids out of bed and off to school.

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Monday, 28 August 2017 10:16

Listening to Your Kids

Are you really listening to your kids? And are they listening to you?

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Monday, 21 August 2017 09:23

5 Ways to Deal With Teen Angst

If you're the parent of a teen, you may already have witnessed it: hair-trigger moods and drama worthy of a midday soap opera. The frustration and anxiety kids feel about life at this age bubbles up as teen angst.

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