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The Minister noted that “Guyana and its Government will no longer stand by shaking its head nor laughing out loud as the Oh my God of the fate of our youths has galvanized us into action,” says Hon. Nicolette Henry as efforts to fuel Youth empowerment have increased.
As Guyana and Neighboring Suriname work to increase cultural ties an Art Exhibition has commenced in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Suriname and the CARICOM Secretariat.    
Guyana joined with other countries around the world, today, to observe International Day for Monuments and Sites under the theme “Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism.” Minister within the Ministry of Education, responsible for youth, culture and sports, Nicolette Henry explained that the theme is “an important one in the context…
Tuesday, 18 April 2017 11:32

Department of Culture celebrates Easter

Easter is perhaps one of the most exciting event on the Christian Calendar and it is also observed by broader communities.
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